Exhibit Bases

  • NPS Style Traditional Low Profile Exhibit Base

  • Upright Pedestals with 1/2" DuraReaders

  • EnviroKiosk Aluminum Kiosk Kit w/Interpretive Panel

  • NPS Style Cantilever Exhibit Base

  • DuraFrame Rail Mount

Durable Solutions for Every Application and Every Budget

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Our frames, pedestals, kiosks and exhibit bases are built to last.  Made  from extruded aluminum with up to 10% post-industrial recycled content.  Our classic combination of durable and eco-friendly.

Like the look of a pedestal, but want the reassuring strength of a frame with a full backing? Our 100% recyclable DuraFrame is made for use with our 1/8” Interpretive Panels. Our frames are fabricated from 100% recyclable extruded aluminum with a post-consumer content of up to 10%.

NPS Style Exhibit Bases
Our NPS Style Frames and Exhibit Bases have a full metal backing, and are made for use with our 1/8” Interpretive Panels. Our NPS Frames and Exhibit Bases are fabricated from 100% extruded aluminum with 10% post-industrial recycled content.

Our pedestals & plates are made for use with our 1/2” Interpretive Panels. Our pedestals are made from 10% post-industrial recycled aluminum and are fabricated from 100% recyclable extruded aluminum.

Interpretive Kiosks
Choose from our standard upright exhibit bases, EnviroKiosk aluminum roofed kiosk or our TimberFrame construction wood roofed kiosk. Roofed Interpretive Kiosks come in standard sizes, with options for sign frames, self-supporting laminates, bulletin cases and back-to-back displays.

Bulletin Cases, Brochure Holders, Trail Guides, Donation Boxes...all made from the same great extruded aluminum as our frames, pedestals, exhibit bases & kiosks.