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About Us

About Us

At EnviroSigns, we are always striving to find ways to better serve our clients and reduce our carbon footprint.

EnviroSigns has been manufacturing EnviroPoly high quality HDPE recycled plastic routed sign & post systems and  EnviroReader interpretive panels and interpretive signs since 1994.

We have a team of experienced interpretive designers and illustrators ready to assist you in making your interpretive project look its best.

Since then, we’ve added our DuraReader dHPL interpretive panels and interpretive signs, EnviroSite recycled plastic site amenities, 3D carved HDU signs, foamcore monument structures, sandblasted signs, aluminum & architectural letters & logos and a new line of eco-friendly signs and graphics.

Proudly made in the USA!

A bit of history…

EnviroSigns is owned and operated in Marshallville, Ohio by an eclectic family in Wooster, Ohio. EnviroSigns’ family of origin has had a love of nature and an affinity for art and design from the start. Our patriarch, Dick Akers, enjoys bicycling, hiking and kayaking. He has taught his children, and is currently teaching his grandchildren, to love and respect nature. After attending art school, he decided to become a sign painter. He and his wife, Sue, set out on their own in 1972 with a sign shop in Canton, Ohio. They had three unique children. Lynn, the middle daughter, and second generation owner of EnviroSigns, was the most artistically inclined. She enjoys hiking, breathing in the beauty of the forest, and seeing new landscapes in new places. She has been trying to do her part to save the environment since she was 14 years old – recycling and adopting a sustainability based diet, which is easy to do with all the local, organic farms in Wooster, Ohio! Her passion in business is to bring eco-friendly sign products to the public and make them the standard, and to create signs and systems that are durable and user-friendly.

With a company history that goes back to 1972, you can trust EnviroSigns for all of your interpretive, wayfinding, and entrance signage needs.

How “green” is EnviroSigns?

Check out our Green Initiatives!

We’ve been standing behind our products since we started out in the general sign business in 1972.  Your park, zoo, museum, school or other organization can count on Envirosigns for your Interpretive, Identity & Wayfinding needs.

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