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HDU FusionBoard

HDU FusionBoard

Signs that are as durable as they are beautiful

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Perfect for upscale entry signs, quirky concession stands, recreational building identification signs, or any place in your park or organization that needs that special “something” to set it apart!

Our HDU FusionBoard contains a “Rapidly Renewable resource Content” of 23.9%

Our HDU FusionBoard is impermeable to any kind of liquid including water and solvents, and this makes it the perfect material for signs in severe weather conditions, or in high-salt environments. Once HDU FusionBoard has been primed and painted it will not warp, rot,  or crack even under the most extreme environmental changes, making it an excellent choice for a extremely durable, incredibly beautiful signage in any area!

Our HDU FusionBoard signs can be carved, routed, shaped and painted in an unlimited variety of ways, allowing your organization’s identity to stand out from the rest. Sandblasted finish available!

HDU FusionBoard 3-D Carved Signs Feature…

•    Will Not Warp, Rot or Crack
•    Excellent for High-Salt Environments
•    Excellent for Areas with Extreme Temperature Changes
•    Unlimited Color Options
•    Stackable and Sculptable
•    Sandblasted Finish Available
•    “Rapidly Renewable resource Content” of 23.9%
•    Made in the USA


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