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Green Initiatives

Green Initiatives

Envirosigns does more than offer the most eco-friendly sign products in the industry. From in-house recycling programs to our completely solar powered website, we take our commitment to protecting the environment seriously.

Envirosigns.com is 100% Solar Powered!

Carbon credits can’t hold a candle to our completely solar powered website.

In-House Recycling & Community Involvement

We take the time to recycle as much of our scrap as possible!  Plastic, metal & hybrid scrap is all sorted and sent to local and national recycling facilities.  We use a long-standing local community workshop program that employs the disabled in the community for secure shredding and recycling of our sensitive documents.  All other scrap paper is taken to a local charity bin for recycling.  We are looking to add a community sign recycling drop off in the future.  Whenever possible, we donate materials/supplies to a local arts program that has a community storehouse available to teachers and low-income art students.

Office and shop trash is separated into a co-mingle bin, which is picked up by a local company, sorted and recycled.

Check back in the coming years for added practices!


Our plastic posts are manufactured utilizing high quality recycled HDPE. Our feedstock incorporates both post-consumer and post-industrial recyclable plastic into each board.  Our processes are considered proprietary information, however we would be happy to provide you with samples, technical data information, and span charts.

All of our posts are made in the USA from plastic waste, primarily milk cartons and laundry detergent containers. Did you know that it takes approximately eight 1 gallon milk containers to make a pound of material?  A standard 2×4 post weighs 2 pounds per foot.  Therefore a 2x4x8ft post would require 128 milk containers! In addition to posts, we offer park benches utilizing our plastic boards. Our 8ft park benches are made from 3×4 boards. Each 3×4 weighs 3.1# p/lf. An 8ft board would require approximately 199 milk cartons. Each bench requires 8 boards or 1,592 milk cartons!

Our entire process is environmentally friendly.  We are keeping thousands of pounds of material out of landfills and no toxic by-products or noxious fumes are associated with the production of our material.  There is also no waste in the process.  Purge or cut ends are ground up and recycled back through the process.  This lumber has a 50 year life, and is 100% recyclable!

EnviroPoly Recycled Plastic Routed Panels

Our black or white 100% recycled EnviroPoly signs share the same outstanding green initiative with the EnviroPosts. Our color-core material also has anywhere from 5-95% post-industrial recycled content and is 100% recyclable!

DuraReader – Our Longest Lasting Interpretive Panel

Our best interpretive sign – the DuraReader dHPL phenolic panel – has a 10 year limited warranty and is made with 100% recycled / renewable resource paper sourced from suppliers who are third-party certified to the Sustainable Forestry Initiative Standard (SFI). LEED Rating System sections that may apply to your project include: Recycled Content (MR Credit 4) and Local/Regional Materials (MR Credit 5); Certified Wood (MR Credit 7). Indoor Environmental Quality and Low-Emitting Materials (EQ credit 4.1 and 4.4).

EnviroReader – Our Most Vandal Resistant Interpretive Panel

This durable budget interpretive panel is made from a 10 year fully recyclable material and eco-friendly, yet highly durable inks. Our state of the art digital printing and finishing process, as well as our time-tested, proven top-quality materials ensure that you won’t have to toss this panel in the landfill due to premature delaminating, cracking, separating or yellowing!

DuraFrames, Pedestals & Kiosks – High Quality Hardware for Interpretive Panels

Our frames are made from 100% recyclable powder-coated aluminum made with up to 7% post-industrial recycled content. Our highly durable frames are built to last.

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