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DuraPost Recycled Content HDPE Posts

DuraPost Recycled Content HDPE Posts

Durable, graffiti-resistant, maintenance free park sign posts

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Our DuraPosts are manufactured utilizing high quality virgin and recycled post-industrial AND post-consumer HDPE. The blend is infused with colorants,ultraviolet stabilizers and fiberglass. This combination (fiberglass) provides better structural properties (strength and rigidity) for more demanding applications. Our posts are solid with pigment throughout to provide consistent color and uniformity even after cutting.

DuraPost Reinforced Recycled Content HDPE Plastic Sign Posts Feature…

•    50 Year Warranty on Posts (inlays have separate warranties)
•    Vandal-Resistant
•    Graffiti-Resistant
•    Maintenance Free
•    DuraPosts are manufactured with variable amounts of recycled HDPE, but also contain fiberglass for strength & durability
•    Lead Time: 4-6 weeks from project/proof approval
•    DuraPosts are available as trail markers with durable full color and spot color inlays
•    Custom colors available
•    Made in the USA

Our DuraPosts have a 50 year warranty. Never needs painting, treating, or sealing, it is moisture resistant—will not stain.  They resist animal odors and wastes. Never splinters—great for public areas. Resists attack by termites,insects, and marine borers. Outlasts all treated woods. Resistant to salt water.  Never rots or splinters. Completely impervious to petroleum. High impact resistance.  Always make sure you are using the recommended width, height & grade for your application to avoid warping or wind load failure.

All of our posts are made in the USA from plastic waste, primarily milk cartons and laundry detergent containers. Because of our recycling process, the use of our posts is an excellent opportunity for municipalities to demonstrate how curb side recycling is working. Our entire process is environmentally friendly.  We are keeping thousands of pounds of material out of landfills and no toxic by-products or noxious fumes are associated with the production of our material.  There is also no waste in the process.  Purge or cut ends are ground up and recycled back through the process.  Not only do our posts halt further destruction of trees and rainforests, but they are also fully recyclable.

*Ask your provider for a written certificate stating their guarantee of the percentage of recycled content.!